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Story 1: The Witch's Scissors

Welcome to The Midnight Tea Party.

The Midnight Tea Party centers around a group of elegant lolitas gathered to socialize over sweets and to share their scariest stories. They'll present you with a complete tale in every update, each illustrated by a different artist.

Tonight, Ashley Cope sets the table with her delectable illustrations of Arcana and your fellow guests in the tea room. Ashley has more treats on the menu for future episodes too.

Next, Alana Yuen conjures the ideal ambiance with her artwork for "The Witch's Scissors" -- a special one-time color comic to make your first visit here a more haunting experience.

And don't overlook the Guest Gallery. Peruse the portraits and consider adding one of yourself. After all, you are the most important guest here!

I think it'll take three episodes before you get a feel for where I'm going with this anthology, so I hope you'll come back for a refill.

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